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If my child has a severe food allergy with whom should I speak?

Please let Jennifer McGuyre know ASAP. We will have alternative food available for allergies (*does not include picky eaters).

May we bring food and water to the dorm rooms?

Yes. Coolers and snacks may be brought as long as the camper cleans up after themselves.

Does my player need money for a meal if she is checking in the night before?

No. All meals are covered. Check in the night before will be after dinner. We will take a trip to ice cream and gas station for snacks. Those are not included and camper will need money for extra’s.

Are there any food/beverage restrictions?

If it is allowed by the parent, it is allowed by us. Drugs and Alcohol are obvious NO’s, but that should go without saying.

Are small coolers allowed?


Are water bottles allowed in the gym?

Yes, as long as it has lid.